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Dr. Eman

Dr. Eman Haggag

Dr. Eman is a german board certified dentist with 15 years of clinical experience.

She obtained her bachelor’s degree in dental medicine from Cairo University in 2002, graduating with high honours.

In 2005 and until 2012 she moved to Germany to pursue her doctorate degree and to expand and advance her professional dental career.

Dr. Eman has a very unique approach for the implementation of her extensive experience, treating patients of all ages.

“I believe firmly in the necessity to develop a good relationship with my patients. It is common knowledge how hard it is to visit a dentist and indeed settle for one for regular visits. The trust can only be established after a positive experience.

It is of utmost importance for me to regard every patient in my care as a unique individual and to listen intently to their wishes and concerns.

I like my patients to be thoroughly informed about their condition and treatment options and to be involved in the process of selecting the most optimal approach for their individual case.

Since the main concern for most dental patients is the issue of “pain”, I put every emphasis on making my patients comfortable and pain-free throughout the entire experience.

I am constantly striving to pursue the latest advancements in terms of materials and technology in the dental field, to be able to offer my patients only the best dental care available.

My mission and ultimate goal:

To bring every patient I see to a state of optimal oral health, both functionally and esthetically. This means doing everything necessary to restore the beauty and function of their smile